Hacking a steam account

Is it possible for the person to still log in to his account? I've changed the steam password, the email address, added steam authenticator from my own phone. However, the person whose account I hacked still knows his account name, the first email he used. Can he contact steam support and get his account back?


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    Stop reposting and off topic is for that.
    If he will provide any purchase information for his arcanas and so on as you mentioned before then yes, he will get back his account.
    But not only that, there is allot of things steam support can check for and ask..

  • Thanks for the reply and I'll keep in mind posting on the right category next time. Anyway, the arcanas he got was gifted to him from another account. Imma tell the whole story. The guy who gifted him the arcanas went away abroad for studies, so he sent all his expensive items to my friend here to use it until he returns. Been already a year since they contacted each other and eventually my friend forgot his Gmail password, his pc asked him for the confirmation code but he does not know the password so he couldn't login. And so, He told me the account name, password and the email and I contacted steam support, Changed the previous email to my own and finally got into the account. I gave him all the details told but he soon started ignoring me and didn't even reward me anything. He said he'd give me an item if the real owner contacts him (it's been a fucking year since they talked) And finally, I wanted to take back what I did so I logged in the steam account, changed the email address to one of my own, added steam authenticator and even changed the password. Now I just have to wait 15 days till I get all the goodies but before that, is there any way he can get back in.

  • Wow you're a nice friend!

  • Yeah thanks ^ I'm just prolly gonna take the lc arcana and slark's sea rake bridle immortal after 15 days

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