Worth starting in 2019?

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Just curious im currently a rocket league player(c1-c2) and the games just kinda stale for me so im looking for a new game to get hooked on do you guys think its worth it in 2019 to start playing? considering thare seems to be a huge skill ceiling and probly wont get anywhere for 1000s of hours? For reference ive played RL for like 18 months and havee aroung 1400 hours and i like to think im not complet trash, Dota seems fun but also seems very hard to learn and get the hang of in your experience how many hours before someone would somewhat know what theyre doing? Is the game dying or still growing? Any advice helpfull! :) https://sarkariresult.onl/



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    The Dota Community is really really toxic, full of scripts,visual hacks,russians and maxicans who not speak any english and smurfs. When i play together with friends who just start with dota we always get matched with the worst shit toxic noobs. Later that will be alot better. But playing fresh Accounts in Dota is a Nightmare for me xD

    If you are solo you will go through Hell, everyone will hate you if you do a mistake ppl will tell you they are going to rape your mother. And if you are new to dota and use scripts ppl will easy see that and call you out.

    I say if you have some friends or a trainer who plays together with you go for it. Dota can also be very rewarding.
    But if you are solo...

    I think after 500 hours i would still call you a beginner in Dota 2.

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