I dont read my PM's, Please open a support ticket instead:


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  • yordanpiter

    why I got only 1 day of compensation if I stop working 2 days would be good to give me 1 more day of compensation please I am a customer

    October 5
  • thenf28

    sir good day i pm you earlier please notif thanks !

    September 29
  • blackrazor

    Well it seems this admin doesnt give a **** about his customers. Been waiting for ages now.

    September 22
  • andersosp

    Good morning I placed 1 month yesterday and it has not activated yet and has already been deducted from my bank via bank transfer bradesco

    September 19
  • abisuai

    please check ticket

    September 16
  • blackrazor

    Would really appreciate some help with my ticket. Been over 2weeks now.

    September 10
  • jsaas

    I yant play plz

    June 15
  • jsaas

    plz aktfad me

    June 15
  • jsaas

    hi pro

    June 15
  • lkk168273

    Is the current program unable to run?

    June 7
  • AlexL

    ADMIN - we are waiting for CORE UPDATE!
    Please do it ASAP if possible.

    June 6
  • 759824219

    管理员请问你们还有想法做League of Le 的作弊程序么 :1437lappa:

    May 25
  • metka


    April 14
  • metka


    April 14
  • metka


    April 14
  • metka


    April 14
  • yordanpiter

    admin I need my compensation and two days stop working ensage please

    April 14
  • zhoudanei

    I come from China. If you want to sell your products in China, can you cooperate? Look forward to your reply

    April 1
  • yordanpiter

    why do I download the fps and put something lag in the game I do not understand could help me please

    March 29
  • cbsm1102

    Please active my sub

    February 24
  • doc2312

    я заплатил за вашу программу а подписки нету

    January 14
  • gtplusnet

    Hi Admin, I think I made payment twice during November 4. It says first payment is account balance and second payment is Ensage for 30 days. What do to do?

    November 2017
  • Afpire93

    Hi i bought the wrong assembly. Was suppose to buy meepo annilation but i bought the utility. Is it possible to refund it or switch over to meepo annilation instead? thank you.

    January 3
  • yordanpiter

    I need my compensation since yesterday I stopped working the hack and they did not give me any compensation

    November 2017
  • alombrown
  • rukia18

    What does Ensage Miner do? Thanks

    September 2017
  • Kris

    Hello, my dear admin I would like to proxy this sale in China, thank you

    July 2017
  • Goldenfroze

    Admin dont read PM's instead PM me. or open tickets

    July 2017
  • termita

    Admin? pls help me with my subs pls ..Why it lasts so long to activate subs :(

    July 2017
  • gordinhojl

    Do you intend to make league of legends dnv scripts? Please give me some news

    July 2017

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