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  • kevcath88

    Hey sir. I want to ask. Why i cannot purchase ? Transaction failed.

    October 7
  • tyrax343434

    excuse me sir. everyworks but when i find a match Vac error . please help me with it

    September 14
    • Goldenfroze
      Restart Steam. Run Ensage first then Steam and start dota 2 via ensage
  • D3dcompiler_43

    помогите пожалуста

    July 26
  • jekteezy

    here is the error please help

    August 22
  • jekteezy

    Excuse me sir im having a problem every time the picking of heroes ended i get an error report but the game dosent close but the assembly that i pciked does not seem to work

    August 21
    • Goldenfroze
      please update the ensage.sdk
    • jekteezy
      cant upload an image sir sorry

      but the error is a runtime.error
    • Goldenfroze
      Press ok and F5
  • jekteezy
  • onnansaid

    Excuse me sir,
    every start dota2 in button ensage with dx11, always dota2 not responding and closes, please help me,
    but if I start dota with dx9, dota2 is running, but no display cheat menu.
    Can you help me

    August 22
    • Goldenfroze
      hmm... your gpu didn't support dx11 use dx9 and try installing the loader in your main drive not in the download.
  • jayjay13

    I cant launch Dota but when i do it in steam it does but without script i also tried DX9 still not working
    Teamviewer if u have item.ty

    July 29
  • crajabli

    I have problem with yandex money. I have got money there but I don't have Russian passport to finish that action could you help me with that I saw that you had solved that problem for another guy please help.

    July 24
  • elitegamerx

    I can not run the ensage can you help me?

    July 23
    • Goldenfroze
      Sure. PM me what happend why u can't run ensage.
  • Open tickets here kappa

    July 21
  • clark1226

    hey i need ur help pls everytime use script with sdk it wont work but when i use the other script it work properly

    July 14
    • Goldenfroze
      make sure u installed Ensage.sdk in libraries.
    • brianragasi
      goldenfroze i go to loader then next i play dota 2 on loader and i dont know what to do next please help
    • Goldenfroze
      u will go to loader install somescripts that you like then open steam start dota via loader and you done. you can test it on lobby.
  • meloveself

    Excuse me I need help. I've installed ensage correctly and several others assemblies from the database. All the assemblies work well except for the Vaper AIO assembly. When I tick only the Vaper assembly and proceed to start Dota2, Not F7 nor the shift key words when I try to bring up the ensage Menu in game. Please help me as I'm still considering on buying subscription. I tested in both bots and lobby mode.

    July 15
    • Goldenfroze
      Did u install Ensage.sdk if not install it and after that if the menu is not showing please press F5 in game.
  • VladNov

    can u give me ur email ? i want to ask about BOT dota :)

    June 21
    • Goldenfroze
      if you mean bot that will play the game itself Its impossible.
  • VickTheRock

    White Neko^^)))) :sisi3:

    June 21
  • beminee


    May 28
    • Goldenfroze
      Please, don't spam my profile :roto2:
  • I can't read support tickets :roto2:

    May 24
  • I don't read support tickets.

    May 22
  • First

    May 20
  • MEME

    May 15
  • 1tnch

    pm sent

    May 1
  • FeelsBadMan

    May 1

    kappa. //

    April 22
  • FeelsGoodMan

    April 22
  • beminee

    kappa //

    April 22
  • Loader


    April 22
  • :kappa:

    April 14

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