Cant Buy Suscription

Justic3Justic3 Posts: 131

G morning i am writing to you guys because i want to pay or add balance to my account but i got a problem.
my bank is not associated with paypal being that i cant add my credit card to my paypal acc.
is there any way i can pay with cc without paypal?.

would be nice if you guys could add safetypay.

**this is the same in the support ticket , just leaving this here so maybe someone has an idea of what can i do to resolve my issue.




  • lolkhaxlolkhax Posts: 282

    Depending on where you live in the world, you can purchase prepaid visa cards. They come in set values and take 24 hours to activate, I have used these in the past - the only inconvenience is the set value's, if you wanted to make a purchase of $88.43 you'd have to get the $100 card.

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