Hey guys... I always used L# cuz i was playing since season4 only League of Leggo... But at this point i cant even play this shit anymore and i swap now to Dota2 ....
And i need a Short dota guide with Some good assembs Ultility.... rookie champ etc pp..... Could be nice if someone can help me there



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    is a good Hero script to start with since its easy and does ALL stuff automatic. I think you can compare it to syndra with good script, in terms of power.I have a friend who just start with Dota and plays sky in every match since this script is out^^ And hes always like 15+/ 2-5 / 25+ and hes really new^^

    If you are more into "ADC" you can checkout Vaper Script for Phantom Assasin or Zaio for Sven both easy to play ( also without script ) but both Melee. For Range you have Sniper with Zaio :)

    SuperAxe if you want the tanky initiator role with nice DMG.

    Arc Warden script is also very very strong!, but i wont use it as a beginner and better start with other Heros.

    Other stuff i like to have:
    Vision control ( show enemy ward spots )
    mana bars
    Dotamapplus ( zoomhack / fog diable and more )
    Beawareplus ( can warn you with sound if enemy has dangerous spells like double dmg or tells you that runes spawn in x seconds and more )
    Evadar ( must have )
    Item Manager ( AIO for utility stuff must have )
    Bodyblocker ( blocks Heros and creeps on lanes, maybe you try this later )
    Visiblebyenemyplus ( show you when enemy can see u )
    Jungelscanplus ( lite version of a maphack^^ )
    modifier vision ( show time of stuns and stuff )
    InformationPinger ( good script for beginner, pings all stuff in chat for your team. If enemy has Gem/Ward/Item.... )
    UnitsControlplus (very good minion control script )

    Welcome to Dota, you dont know the best part yet ;) NO ban since over a year :godbless: ( and that was only a smurf, my main is up for over 2 Years )

  • The above guide is pretty good, but there are two points I want to add.

    1. Don't use Skywrath, it's too obvious and might eventually result in Valve taking action against us. Riot didn't give a damn about scripters until people started using Xerath and Katarina to destroy lanes and solo carry games to the point where even pro players were complaining about it. Skywrath is in a similar position where he can absolutely destroy enemy teams with a good script. If you don't care about the wellbeing of the community (that's very selfish of you), scripting with Skywrath will result in multiple reports leading to your account being potentially banned, so take that as you will.

    2. ZAIO is outdated, use BAIO.

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