Please make a guide on how to use tinkerfastcomboplus

mr500mmrmr500mmr Posts: 14

ok so its start that i make a smurf account because i am a 1k guardian 4 medal player ,then i discover this ensage and i try it on my smurf account that i created , luckly i got 2277 mmr on solo and i got crusader 5 on my smurf account, using pudgeplus visageplus and arc ahnilliation , the problem is i try to play tinker using tinkercombo plus, and what i notice is when there is atleast 1 cooldown on tinker skill an auto rearm will suddenly tinker do, even an enemy is attacking him , so in short i cant dominate using tinker, but i was shocked when i see my dotabuff stat that tinker is the only 1 i got with veryhigh skill , so someone please help me


  • in game, just type: -autowin then u get ez MMR

  • @kinkinraiso20 said:
    in game, just type: -autowin then u get ez MMR

    well said GIT GUD

  • lolkhaxlolkhax Posts: 331

    First step is to SUBSCRIBE!; now comes the really important part,
    Second step: PLAY BOT GAMES UNTIL YOU'RE NOT PLAYING LIKE A POTATO (no seriously, expecting to be good at a game you'll never be good at, while putting LITTLE TO NO TIME into learning the game, whilst also asking "Hur, how does I win with cheet(DW GUYS I AM GIT-GOOD alreadeeeeeeeee");
    Third step: Come to the realisation that Dota 2 is not the game for you, proceeded by you installing Minecraft.

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