Chen Script Please ^_^ hehehehe

wasak1wasak1 Posts: 12

I love chen so much but I'm not a fast hand person in chen. Please if there are skilled people here that could make a chen script. This would be my luckiest day because its my birthday soon.



  • landmetlandmet Posts: 98

    hello , can u please use tags system , and add some tags like request ,chen
    with this tags admins dev will help more quickly

    and if dev will take you request they my dont know what you need from script (beacaus
    they maybe dont play chen and dont know ) , so it will be nice if you put some description what exactly you expect from script

  • wasak1wasak1 Posts: 12

    ok thank you so much ^_^

  • klaretosklaretos Posts: 96

    we just need an update for zaios AIO regarding creep control lock mode and there you have the best script for Chen.

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