@Moones Please update your old Ability# and move it to Paid Assemblies. I will be the first to buy it.



  • rayukirayuki Posts: 76

    i mean theres not really a chance this will happen lol, i paid assembly for all heros, or multiple assemblies for multiple heros? lol

  • C4DL3RC4DL3R Posts: 2

    would sell my kidney for the old Ability#

  • @C4DL3R said:
    would sell my kidney for the old Ability#

    Moones made it in the past.Nowadays ,no one is even close to quality of Moones scripts.
    They wouldn’t update it as it is not profitable for Ensage .

  • you can O9K.autousage

  • 09k.aio with autousage is very good.

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