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im new to this website, i noticed that everytime i hold down a key the hero moves to my mouse (any key) so directional move does not work because it uses pathing from the program/game instead? it makes razes and such hard to hit mid teamfight :(


  • lolkhaxlolkhax Posts: 332

    I can't seem to find the "any key" on my keyboard, pls advise! In any case - you should rebind the "combo" key in the SDK menu, then check to see what you actually bound in the assembly (you don't want them to be the same key). It's also handy to add assemblies one at a time as you clue up, and acutally configure your assemblies, and know what they're doing, you know - like a normal person. There is also a search function (it's really handy - TRUST ME).

  • U will get used to it, it follows your mouse so you can kite in games, don’t use the SDK orb walker, it messes up the script, most scripts have in built orb walker ready( usually called combo key)

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