HELP~ Hero script that I selected it don’t appear in the menu !!

hkim681hkim681 Posts: 3
edited March 2018 in General

can anyone explain to me what is actually happen on my ensage or dota?
i had tried deleted and re downlaod the entire program but still facing the same issue.

zoom hack, beware plus is usable
but others hero assemblies is unusable..
example like divine Zues, divine sky and etc



  • hkim681hkim681 Posts: 3


    for hero only invoker and arc is usable at the moment for me.. other is unusable ..
    please help~ thanks ..

  • AyushAyush Posts: 356

    Have you purchased those divine assemblies???

    If not then please do purchase and then try loading with that particular hero.

    Also many scripts aren’t fully functional in demo mode instead try it out in a lobby match or with bots.

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