I need Help

Hello, sorry if you do not understand well, but I'm using a translator.
I was a user of Ensage a long time ago and I want to buy a subscription again and probably buy a paid assembly, but I'm not very aware that free assemblies work correctly and which of the pay do I recommend, (I was already banned once lmao).
I also have another question, some time ago when I subscribed, you could only use ensage on a pc, but the pc then I do not have it, if I buy I can use ensage on my new pc?


  • 1.Free assemblies in most case works correctly, but they can have a bugs.
    About Paid assemblies you can take trial for 1 day. So you can test what assemblies you want and what is better for you.
    Best Assemblies is O9K, for example o9k.AIO . If you play on Invoker you can look invoker paid assemblies , they both better than free Invoker.
    2.Yes you can use it on new pc.

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