Paypal payment error

av1nashav1nash Posts: 8

guys am not able to subscribe to ensage using paypal, am getting the following error
The instrument presented was either declined by the processor or bank, or it can't be used for this payment.
i tried purchasing using my friends paypal too and i am getting the same error whats the problem? is it cause its indian paypal???
i subscribed more than 20 times till now using the same paypal now it isnt working



  • MagnetoMagneto Posts: 56

    Same case with me. I am sure that you belong to India Avinash. I called Citibank for the reasons for declining the payment and they say it is for my card security only. I sincerely request the admins of the group to consider other options for payments in India or do some alternative arrangements with the service providers. Thank you.

  • same ...waiting for some help

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