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While developing any kind of software, good feedback is the key. Sometimes malfunctions in an assembly makes you lose a game or gets you killed.

No one likes this!

If you have issues with an assembly please send a detailed bug report to the developer. Proper feedback is required to make everything work.



Assembly Does Not Work After DotA 2 Update

This most likely means the Ensage.Core is outdated for the new DotA2 version.
You can go to our Feedback section and make a report unless somebody else did so already.

Your bug report should consist of detailed description of the issue to help our developers detect which part of the Core got outdated.

Bug Occured

If you are playing with an assembly and a bug occurs, or it stops doing what it is supposed to do you can follow these steps:

  • Take a screenshot of the Ensage console (the window that appears when you start DotA2).
  • Try to remember the situation in which the bug occurred, remember details, what game mode you were in (normal/custom/bot/lobby), what heroes were nearby, what spells were casted, which hero you were playing, what you were doing and what items you had.
  • After the game, head to our forums, go to the assembly thread and check if someone else already reported the issue.
  • If someone did, you can add a reply describing your situation in case it was different.
  • In other case you can just make a new feedback reply.

Your feedback reply should consist of:

  1. How the assembly works overall, if you had some good moments/kills with it, then write them down, to let the developer know they are doing a good job.
  2. Description of the issue/bug that occurred.
  3. Screenshot of the console.

Now keep checking the forum from time to time to see whether the developer replied. They might ask for more information or might just let you know that they have pushed a fix. In that case you should try to get in the same situation in which bug occurred and see whether it's fixed or not. If not, then repeat steps above.

Assembly Does Not Work At All

We have often seen this. People would just come to a thread and post this. Well it doesn't help the developer at all and only spams the thread.


Well it doesn't provide any information.

What to do when you get in a situation where the assembly "does not work":

  • Make sure its ticked in the loader.
  • Go to lobby/bot game.
  • Press F5 and check the Ensage console, there should be a confirmation that the assembly got loaded which looks like this "Load: AssemblyName".
  • If there are exceptions containing the assembly name, then make a screenshot of the console.
  • Head to our forums, go to the assembly thread and make a reply.

Attach your screenshot to the reply and make sure to mention what other assemblies you had loaded. Await reply from the developer. Please stay patient if the developer doesn't reply instantly. If the issue doesn't get solved in assembly thread you can move on to Feedback section and post your issue there.


Core (Pre)-Init Error

If a message with "(Pre)-Init error" pop ups, it most likely means the Ensage.Core is outdated for the current DotA2 version. You should head up to forums. If other people already reported this error, you can just wait for the update. It usually doesn't take long before the update is released.


Loader errors usually appear directly in loader window, in the loader console or as a pop up window when the DotA2 is started.

Report the loader bug in our Feedback section, but always check first if someone else didn't already report it.

There should be a screen of the error in the report and short description of situation in which the error occurred.

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