Important assemblies

Hi, im new here.
There is any important assemblies?
I Used to play with L# but in dota everything is different.
what Orbwalker? what Evader? what should i download?
Only the basic ones, which means for example:
Invoker Script, Evade Script, Auto Items User, Farm this stuff.
Thanks for your help(Prefer low risk stuff)



  • JoyPinkJoyPink Posts: 239
    edited January 22

    Hello and welcome to Ensage.

    I use
    09k.Evader - paid with both plugins

    For auto Items you can use :
    09k.Itemmanager paid or Itemmanager free and 09k.autousage (has a killstealer and use most items and skills of all heros when X happen like use shield on 50% HP) paid

    Farm: free

    Ensage has free build in Orbwalker ( incl lasthit, but i think is much better :) ) and you find many good hero scripts in database.

    I also suggest you use a HUD to show you alot usefull infos.

    Free o9k.hud i myself use paid divine.beaware

    And about Invoker we have 3 paid Invoker Scripts, i myself use the one from moones cause i think it works best, but you can also try the Invoker script from Jumpering.

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