It's pretty hard to play with a version that's constantly crashed now - New problem Core Pre Init...

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Last month we waited for an update.
After the update the game crashed continuously.
Now I can't pass this error i can't pass this error Core init try to load 1/5

"Discord Moderator "Ensageware" says
you can try to restart pc/ router
core init mean you can't connect to auth server"

i restarted my pc and router and i change my authentication key but no change Ensage Shell - Core Pre Init 1/5 try to load but timeout.. if i cant connect to auth server then how do I login and start dota ?
I tried vpn to solve the problem could not solve this problem

we can't play this game properly for 1.5 months. Yes we have learned to play with crashes but this is another problem and unfortunately but you're not helping with this and you're not responding.

"i post this topic on Help Categories"

You've opened an announcement about the update after my post and your topic OFFICIAL STATEMENT about current situation



  • NeeDforKillNeeDforKill Posts: 1,495

    Preinit and crash it's different problems. Preinit pop up when you can't pass authorization. In 90% it's problem with connection to our authorization server.

    Why you even write "if i cant connect to auth server then how do I login and start dota ?" for example If your ip adress or isp banned by cloudflare you can't connect to our server, but your internet will work. It can be temporary problem.

    When you start Ensage, you need wait untill ensage finish all updates, there is bar what show progress. Only after that Press Start Dota 2

    Anyway i forwarded to the server guy, he will look.

  • same im having this problem too

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