Anyone else still crashing?

Is it just me that's still crashing, or anyone else? I was some-what fine while people were freaking out earlier, but it's getting progressively worse, these are no-error freezing crashes. It won't say anything, the game will either lock up when i have any combo keys/farm keys pretty much any toggle on hold keys pressed, and sometimes when i have nothing at all pressed. I can't even get to my task manager to force quit dota, it literally gets hard-stuck on my screen. It used to be one crash then I would just restart and it would be fine, but now it's back-to back - to back - to back just non stop freezing, abandoned 2 games in a row now. Everything is being injected and used fine, reinstalled it as well.



  • Me too at least 3 times and then i can play, but today the problem becomes worse.

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