How to uninstall ensage and make sure it wont be tracable at all?

I just subscribed and using ensage on my Alt throwaway account for unranked games i dont want it to associated with my main account in any way. So lets say if i wanna play on my main account without cheats. How can i uninstall ensage from my computer? Does ensage modify dota 2 files in any way? Do i have to reinstall dota 2 so that i be safe?
I ask this because i heard vac bans are sometimes delayed etc. so i dont want any mistakes or risk my main account for ban. Ty for your anwser!



  • JerffellyJerffelly Posts: 195
    edited March 13

    VAC activates only when you connect to game server. (so like when you join in game and so on)
    Ensage don't modify anything, and has anti vac system and its pretty safe against VAC.
    Mostly no one talks here about vac since its useless, but there is few things what could you give a ban, and its manual matchmaking ban and server sided anti cheat matchmaking ban (and this is from what ensage can't protect you and need to be careful of what you are doing).

    If you don't want ensage to be associated with your main account then just don't play with ensage on your main account, simple as that., no need to uninstall it, if you cheat on your alt account.

    However if you want to uninstall it then simply delete all contents of ensage folder.

  • Ty!

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