I want to broadcast live on twitch.

koktaykoktay Posts: 59

I want to broadcast live on twitch. Will the ensageUI be displayed in the live video during the live broadcast? If it will be displayed, how can I turn off the ensageHUD display during the live broadcast?



  • JerffellyJerffelly Posts: 195

    it will show everything as you see on screen. (like menu, overlays and so on)

    you could try enable 'disable drawings' if you are okay with that.

  • JoyEnoshimaJoyEnoshima Posts: 79

    At the End your twitch account will be banned, using scripts and twitch never works for a long time.

  • zuckokoozuckokoo Posts: 13

    Here we go again, people like you wanted to show off WHEN YOU'RE CHEATING is what killed LoL scripts so fast, remember this site used to be L#? Then dumbasses wanted to ruin the fun for everyone and start streaming it etc, became well known enough that it got Riots attention and boom, gone.

    Just enjoy your cheats bro, drop the ego.

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