How to Buy a Subscription

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Our store is an environment created for you to manage your subscription with ease. It provides information about your current subscription status and your previous transactions.


Loader Login Information

The authentication login key is used by the Ensage Loader to verify your current subscription status.

You should never share your authentication login key with anyone!

Account Balance

If you wish to save some money for future subscription purchases, you can add them to your account balance and then use them when your subscription expires.

Buying a Subscription

At the bottom of the store overview, choose one of the subscription options:

You will then be provided with transaction review:

After reviewing the transaction, you may proceed to selecting your preferred payment method:

You will be redirected to a webpage of the payment method provider.
Once the transaction is paid your subscription status will be updated.

There are few exceptions where it could take up to 24 hours to receive your subscription. If you didn't receive your subscription within 24 hours open a ticket.


  • MoonesMoones Posts: 328

    @jimmydota2 said:
    3 days , Before it only took 5 min
    lol fix pliss

    We apologize for the trouble, we'll try our best to reduce the waiting time.
    Thank you for your feedback!

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