Mouse spoofing- Tempest double teleport/skills

anonymouseanonymouse Posts: 330

Is it possible for admin to add mousespoofing to tempest teleport/skills/auto target? Ideally its best to do it only on replays, since moving back and forth to the main and double would be a problem. But I think the teleport should be no problem, since you would auto teleport only if you are safe, personally I dont teleport when im in danger, so for now I guess mousespoofing teleport would be great. This is only obvious thing when people see replays, since it wont move to the teleport location. I hope admin can add it someday.


  • JerffellyJerffelly Posts: 199
    edited April 30

    This +/- and zoom support is coming somewhere in future. There is no ETA., Since its complex..

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