Coach Matches

AntonRoxAntonRox Posts: 26

Is it possible to get the hack working in coaching? Imagine being able to tell people where wards are and when enemy smoke and other stuff. Would be amazing.



  • bemineebeminee Posts: 470

    Only if you suggest everyone Ensage after every game :kappa:

  • AntonRoxAntonRox Posts: 26

    I see what you are getting at but it could be possible to play it off like you are not hacking. You don't have to tell them exactly where every ward it, after all, you only capture wards when you see them placed in vision, otherwise, FOG prevents that.
    I am a 3.5-4k player but some friends who are 5k players upwards, who truly understand the game and enemy movements, can easily tell me when they think someone is smoking or going to be ganking me. I rely on Ensage to tell me when I should run away.
    I'm not sure of the mechanics but I did think being the 6th player on your team you may be able to do this thing.

  • bemineebeminee Posts: 470

    Don't take sentences that ends with :kappa: too serious. Afaik, local player team is unknown in spectating/coaching mode, therefore it's not really possible but don't quote me on that

  • AntonRoxAntonRox Posts: 26

    Ok ok :1437lappa: !! Anyway, a big thanks for all your work!

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