Tutorial for a noob - Some help for a few questions please

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Hello, (im subscribed)
I am after some instructions on 'How to use' the scripts or pointed in the direction. I can't tell if some aren't working or i'm just not doing it correctly.

I individually opened up a Lion Script.
When in demo i can see an option to 'Combo' which has limited Items, such as Dagon, Shivas etc, I noticed i can Un-click them (i guess to de-select them out of the combo) as well as what skills to use (Ult, Hex, Stun).

If i blink in tho lion just Spams EVERYTHING at once, even if de-selected items such as a dagon...he still dagons regardless. so deselecting items or skills seems to have no effect. Also is there anyway to choose what Order it combos in as opposed ALL at once, makes it looks suss if i were to use it this way.

Also tried Timbersaw, his option is to press a hotkey to 'chase the enemy using skills and items' I try this and he kinda just attempts to ult and immediately un-ult but certainly doesnt attempt to chase or use skills so he just stands there.

Similar to Storm Spirit - i have to spam the hot key for him to keep spamming his skills when im on someone, is that the idea? if so it works fine enough but doesnt work if i spam hot key on the timbersaw script.

I cant see any instructions on how each script works and have looked over this forum.

Additional issue: I've tried 2 different Zoom hacks which seem to work in demo mode, but when im in a game it stops me being able to manually move the camera when i push the mouse to the edges of the screen, so it makes it unplayable, only way around it is using mini map to click around which is impractical, any reason or fix for this?

Confirming that the 'Crit Hack' doesnt work anymore from what im reading on here? when i try use the hot key it just says im (dead)

Thanks in advance!

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