Battle Pass Levels?

Wallace76Wallace76 Posts: 13
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Is the following hack/assembly possable to create?

  1. Hack battle levels

  2. if that will get found out, how about adding level points during a match so that its officially calculated at the end of a match?

something like that worked similar on a hack i used in GTA, you couldnt just hack the money cause you would get caught, however you could make the payout on a pertucular mission payout several times the regular amount and it gets calculated into your account as normal.

  1. can anything be done to duplicate items in the armoury? cause when the battlepass level sale comes up to buy they add 100 battle levels as a consumable in the armoury... wondering if anyway to dulicate this item.



  • JerffellyJerffelly Posts: 199
    edited May 26

    No, it's not possible.

  • Wallace76Wallace76 Posts: 13
    edited May 26

    @Jerffelly said:
    No, it's not possible.

    Fair nuff Jerffelly, i did figure id have surely dug up something by now if it was haha.

    What you think the (non-technical) reason is for this? i assume its simply cause most that hard information is kept server side?

    id also imagine Cheat engine is no doubt immediate vac ban if used haha

  • JerffellyJerffelly Posts: 199

    Yes, because data like that is kept server side. And hacking it will cause a lot of legal troubles afterwards.

  • Wallace76Wallace76 Posts: 13

    Cheers for the responses, i purchased the 100 lvl pass then only after calculated that you cant actually physically get most of the unlocks without paying a shit ton more as there isnt enough 'free' levels you can achieve to reach them.

    I had hoped someone figured out a way for it to be sneakily calculated in like my GTA example, ahh well, not meant to be :)

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