Scripters calling out other scripters!

EvenioEvenio Posts: 17

This idiot behaviour needs to stop, happened twice in the span of 3 days. Usually this happens when the other script user starts losing, but it's so fucking dumb. This does not need more attention to the public, enjoy the cheats and keep them to yourself.

Just now I had a game as Skywrath vs a Pudge who used zoomhack + auto hooks. Once i managed to kill 2-3 people on his team he started to accuse me of scripting, while it was obvious he was also using scripts (replay confirmed he did). Kept talking shit to me how I was cheating and how I should get banned. All the while he was scripting himself, i mean come on, this doesn't help no one. Stop this behaviour lest Valve takes serious matters into their hands.

On a final note, I did end up reporting the guys account for scripting, that moron needs to take a long break from this game so he can't call out other people and bring more attention to the public.



  • JayPlaysJayPlays Posts: 2

    So don't call out other scripters, but report other scripters.

    Logic seems......flawed

  • EvenioEvenio Posts: 17

    @JayPlays said:
    So don't call out other scripters, but report other scripters.

    Logic seems......flawed

    I never would've reported him if he didn't threaten to report me and calling me out in the game and after it. You're damn right I'm not going down alone if another script user is talking shit and calling me out.

    Point being here, the scripter community needs to stop throwing eachother under the bus. He should've kept his mouth shut and just moved on. Instead he started throwing a hissy fit. There is no flaw here.

  • JetJet Posts: 165

    I mean you’re playing the most brain dead hero with a script, that in 4.5K MMR and higher you’re always gonna get called out/reported if you use. When you’re casting 4 abilities, 3+items in the spam of 1 second and getting insta kills. You yourself said you had to go back on replays to see that the pudge was scripting, whilst your abuse was probably really self-evident while in the game.

    Idk if anyone else has played CS / CS:GO here, but it’s literally the same shit as it being a rage aimbotter against a wall/esp hacker

    It’s funny how I’ve never been called out in-game in my 2 years of using ensage at 5K+ mmr

  • atifaslamatifaslam Posts: 16

    Do you have like his steam id or match id? We'll see what can be done in that case, as scripters calling out other scripters is indeed not something that should be tolerated, at least in this community where we are trying to minimize the bans.

    Imagine if this cocksucker called out all cheaters, there would be no ensage userbase anymore, admin would make a huge loss, better root out this one first.

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