Wallace76Wallace76 Posts: 13

Anyone use the KunkkaHelper?

I seem to be having trouble with the 'Full Combo'

When i try use this, he simply does the initial X marks and nothing more.

The other combo - X > Torrent > Return works but not the full combo.

Any reasons this may be happening?

Additionally, In an actual game when i use the X > Torrent > Return combo, sometimes it seems to not want to return.

Do i have to not touch any other keys or clicks for it to finalize the combo on its own? does me clicking around interrupt it or anything?

thanks in advance



  • markxiaoanmarkxiaoan Posts: 51

    use o9k aio.unlock

  • Wallace76Wallace76 Posts: 13
    edited June 2019

    i thought the o9k's were paid ones?
    Also dont think Kunkkahelper is part of the 09k's stuff?

  • same problem here! Full Combo not working, but combo without ghostship works.
    Also Self Cast X Mark -> TP Home not working... any ideas?

  • JetJet Posts: 166

    It’s a marketing scheme so you could purchase O9K scripts for full functionality instead kappa kappa :1437lappa:

  • sacanudosacanudo Posts: 31

    Yes, the free one doesn't work. Only the separately paid script

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