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Anyone been using the wtf. Scripts (wtf.lion, wtf.necro etc)

So far ive used both of those but...
I can see an option to 'Combo' which has limited Items, such as Dagon, Shivas etc, I noticed i can Un-click them (i guess to de-select them out of the combo) as well as what skills to use (Ult, Hex, Stun).

If i blink in tho, lion just Spams EVERYTHING at once, even if de-selected items such as a dagon...he still dagons regardless. so deselecting items or skills seems to have no effect. Also is there anyway to choose what Order it combos in as opposed ALL at once, makes it looks suss if i were to use everything this way.

Same with Necro, i want to be able to killsteal ONLY by the ult sometimes. Yet soon as i come across just one enemy he throws EVERYTHING i have at him to kill him, when sometimes id like to save some items or skills for proper group fights, not lay it all on the first hero i see then be stuck with my pants down with everything on cooldown for a team fight haha

Any thoughts as to why deselecting items and skills doesnt seem to work?



  • JerffellyJerffelly Posts: 199

    @rozbo Can only help you with it. Otherwise, you can use other assemblies what support heroes like necro, lion like o9k.aio.

  • NeeDforKillNeeDforKill Posts: 1,751

    Rozbo banned and will never unbanned here. I recommend you use o9k.aio

  • JerffellyJerffelly Posts: 199
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    @NeeDforKill said:
    Rozbo banned and will never unbanned here. I recommend you use o9k.aio

    That was pretty fast. What did he do? nvm he deserves the ban.

  • Wallace76Wallace76 Posts: 13

    ok thanks guys :)

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