Resolve the problem orelse refund my subscription

pratham47pratham47 Posts: 20

I have been using ensage since long time. but recently the ensage is crashing a lot. we are not even getting regular updates. you guys made everything purchasable but its of no use because none of the things works properly in game. We are not getting proper ETA or response on discord. please let us know if its gonna remain like this then you should refund all our money. no point in buying scripts when its not functioning properly



  • NeeDforKillNeeDforKill Posts: 1,751

    Not true at all. Who made all purchasable? only money from Subscription going to Ensage devs, money for scripts going diretcly to script makers. About Eta/Discord/Proper Answers - Come to discord and look at #compiler there is all updates. We update not more than 24 hours(there may be exceptions), and even if takes to update 10 hours we give compensation.

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