Logging me into offline mode?

OMGitsMeOMGitsMe Posts: 3

When I launch Ensage it gets stuck on the dota loading screen forever. If I click and select wait for program to respond it shows the game in "Offline Mode"? Or it will close dota and "Core init Preinitstarted Timeout" suggestions?



  • OMGitsMeOMGitsMe Posts: 3

    DX11 was failing but DX9 works????? used for over a year on DX11?

  • JerffellyJerffelly Posts: 199

    Hi, its actually your steam begin terminated/crashing,thats why you go into offline mode.

    Are you sure you are not using steam beta version?

  • OMGitsMeOMGitsMe Posts: 3

    100% not using Steam Beta.

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