zoiboladao900zoiboladao900 Posts: 3

As the title says, I am here to vent, I paid 1 month of ensage thinking it would be a thousand wonders, but only the first week was a thousand wonders, the following week the ensage began to shit back, when I try to enter through the ensage appears the dota 2 logo is about 1-2 minutes on the screen and nothing happens there I am redirected to my desktop with the following error of 100 attempts only 10 works This is already getting annoying.

I think I threw 10 dollars in the trash, because I thought I was not going to get so much headache, but I see that I'm wrong. (sorry for bad english is from google translate)



  • JerffellyJerffelly Posts: 195

    Its known bug, and it will be fixed. The ETA is currently unknown.

  • PellePelle Posts: 6

    Try DX9 instead. Works for me. (had the same problem on DX11)

  • have the same problem guys

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