Your not owning the plugin which should be loaded, Divine beaware!!!!

koktaykoktay Posts: 62

this problem already 2 month , I asked the author yeeee about this fucking my own question. he said its not hes problem,
and i asked Needforkill .
He told me that I would respond to this question to the admin, but since then there has been no news. this is logs .

I bought this damn script, but I can't use it. I applied for a refund two months ago. No one cares about me. I have had enough.
no help no fix , Ignore me



  • koktaykoktay Posts: 62

    I bought this script!
    I refreshed the ensage for this problem,
    reinstalled the ensage even for this problem,
    I reinstalled my computer's operating system,
    its no help!

  • bemineebeminee Posts: 530

    It's a core problem. So neither YEEEEE or needforkill can fix it. It will be fixed soon but until then, you can refresh until it works (it will work after 2-3 refreshes).

  • Same here :)

  • xeperxeper Posts: 20

    same , every game

  • blink925blink925 Posts: 9

    Same Here :) fix this or refund us

  • every time ends game or every open first time the ensage.

  • NeeDforKillNeeDforKill Posts: 1,817

    It's not easy to fix, when no one from Administration have this issue, but we working on it.

  • markxiaoanmarkxiaoan Posts: 51

    and o9k.autousage same @NeeDforKill

  • MrazishMrazish Posts: 49

    @NeeDforKill said:
    It's not easy to fix, when no one from Administration have this issue, but we working on it.

    I have two ensage installations (same account) on my pc, only one have this problem. I can send you both zipped so you can find the difference in files

  • If anyone is using MSI Aferburner with RivaTuner, try turning the RivaTuner hook off (Application Detection), it fixed the issue for me. Hope this helps! =)

  • sinner1680sinner1680 Posts: 1
    edited August 2019

    hi sorry its showing plugin not owned just purchased it now

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