What are the things to avoid not to get banned?

I know that zoom hacks are easily detected by valve/ VAC.
what are the other things that we should avoid? I also remember when you're "clicking" outside your FOV can be detected. so does that mean the Arc Annihilation's Auto push with tempest double not safe? thanks



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    What we have protection for

    .1. Protection against Valve-Anti-Cheat (VAC) It's pretty safe, be sure that you are always up to date with ensage community, so you know if there is something wrong with Valve-Anti-Cheat (VAC).

    Ban type = VAC ban. (Can't trade cosmetic items and nor perform any actions associated with that specific account.)

    .2. Protection against server-sided anti-cheat is also operational but it's not fully supported. Will not work correctly using zoom hack and other assemblies like arc warden what uses features like an auto push., what orders are executed outside of default camera zoom (1134). (Against this anti-cheat system, everything we know its just speculation, what means that NO ONE KNOWS WHAT MAKES YOU BANNED, from my personal experience I would say that you will be fine with zoom hack, it's more dangerous to use auto-disable hacks. Unless VALVE updates that system and we will have to make new speculations.)

    Ban type = Probably Automatic Matchmaking ban. (Not confirmed) (Can't queue on matchmaking games.)

    What we don't have protection for

    .1. Against manual bans.
    * when you get directly reported to valve employees (usually through Reddit)

    Ban type = Manual Matchmaking ban. (Can't queue on matchmaking games.)

    • As again there is always the possibility to get banned.

    • This is what we know now and of course, everything can change any minute. Don't use on the main account and be sure that you are not too obvious on high-rank games where people allot of times watch replays because when there is somebody from Reddit and you are suspected cheating then there is like 99% ban chance, according to fourth way, what I wrote above.

  • Big thanks! Didnt expect such a detailed comment

  • bemineebeminee Posts: 566

    I'd say don't think about "ban chance" at all. Just create a smurf or buy an account, cheat on it and have fun. The main thing is enjoying cheating. I'm pretty sure you will be fine but even if you get banned, you will lose $40-50 instead of your main account.

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