Disappointed with ensage and admins.

anonymouseanonymouse Posts: 340

I have been using ensage since joduska, even before being a paid subscription service, it transferred here and went paid and being loyal to ensage i paid subscriptions every month. Problem now is, admin does not address bugs like they used to, one for sure is the “you do not own the assembly” bug which for months has not been fixed, and we still pay for assembly and the subscription. I hope admins will try to atleast fix the bugs, so our money wont go to waste. I also hope you fix the bug on item manager (not enough gold) on autobuy queued items, which @IdcNoob says its a core problem. Its just sad that we pay for monthly subscriptions which is not cheap, but bugs does not get fixed.


  • NeeDforKillNeeDforKill Posts: 1,782

    not own the assembly problem is core problem, same as gold in autobuy. If you want tell this information to admins, you can create ticket.
    This two problems already in fix list.

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