FPS drops a lot even with no assembly selected

hmxxhmzxesghmxxhmzxesg Posts: 23
edited September 2019 in Help

Without ensage, I will get 144fps in base and about 120 in mid lane with creeps, but when I start dota with ensage, it drops to 120 in base, and 80 in mid lane with creeps. **Even with NO script selected. **

And since I am using a 144hz monitor, it's also weird that the 80fps game looks like I am using a 60hz monitor. It's really annoying. Anyone help me? If you need log or anything just tell me how to get it.

Thank you so much!

BTW, in lobby it looks fine, like 144fps in 144hz monitor, smooth af. Fps/hz drop starts from hero selection page.



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