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My country is not listed on the payment section. It comes up with "Other countries" which has 4 options ie "paypal/paypal(auto)/bitcoin/cryptocurrency...... Sadly Paypal doesn't support my country and cryptocurrency is illegal here. I bought 7-8 time subscription using third-party , they make payment using paypal but they charge me double. I have to pay them double with local currency. That's too costly for me... This third-party party sucking us... In my country there are many users who is facing the same like me. But most of us have prepaid visa/credit card with dual currency enabled. So if u create a payment system that direct accept visa/MasterCard then we can pay easily and that will save our money too... I looked your every visa/mastercard payments option and they are mainly country based. We need a payment system of the card where there will be fields of " card number" , " expire date" , "cvc" and submit... Hope u understand my problem.. I bought subscription several times. I wanna continue. Pls make a payment system user like me


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