Game crash and Low FPS and tell the everyone you are not alone

fyleisfyleis Posts: 5

Low fps was a long long ago problem, i think every one use this charge for ten dollar software will get this problem ,hundred or thousand people say there are get lowe FPS on the game,and they just ask the what it you use script and how your computer cost,if it cheap they say you computer was outdate need to be upgreat,or it just never reply you ticket and let you endure they creat the problem and they like they never happen to continune charge your money.
On the other side is now fucking game crash , this problem was newly by dota2 release 7.25,now dota2 was update to 7.25a and it never be fix , so many man use this software get the forbidden to find match because the Ensage let game crash and you can't reconnect on the short time ,yes , they auth they are creat software for not want other one crack it or some abnormal and irrational thought,and you want to reconnect to game it just let you slowly , when you reconnect the game you get a ban and everyone was funny.
so many not need to buy script or assemblies was useless when dota2 updata and it nvere be fix ,because the ten dollar not satisfy they greed desire .they want to more,they want to you pay more to buy other assemblies.
i don't no how the otherone can endure this useless software and behide that the greed people . now i just want to tell the administrator until you fix you software i will never pay a dollar,and other suffering the this useless software(maybe you ) should not to pay until they fix or we can find the other want to offer high performance and aibility to replace you product,and they by coincidentally like our money and not just like you so greed.



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