Greetings i got banned untill 2038

doobstylerdoobstyler Posts: 5

i got banned until 2038
please check the picture and let me know which script has high chance to get banned. and which one is the most safe.

please let me know some idea.

and any tips to get avoid being banned.




  • SakuraEvilSakuraEvil Posts: 1

    Me too. I month, I was banned from 4 accounts

  • NeeDforKillNeeDforKill Posts: 1,975

    this scripts are fine, it can be hero what you use
    for example arc warden, visage, sky have very high chance to get banned

  • doobstylerdoobstyler Posts: 5

    LOL ok guys. if i understand which point they catch, then i can uncheck some script to be careful

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