Script that helps to control all summoned units?

owennhtowennht Posts: 118

Hi guys, I'm looking for a script that:

-Auto control summons or controlled units (ie. Lone Druid's bear, Necronomicons, HoD's unit, PL's illusions, Lycan's wolves etc.) to chase the assigned target when pressing a hotkey. You don't have to hold the key, just press once.
-One example is the Arc Warden's (by Jumpering) or Visage (by Beminee), when I press one button, the Tempest or the Birds will auto chase the target, use all the items and spells.

I'm not sure if we already have this kind of script already (I'm kinda new to Ensage), or if we don't have it yet, would developers have a look into this? I don't mind tonpay for paid scripts, as long as it functions well.



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