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Hi everyone, I am writing this for the sake of helping ensage and hopefully we can get more user base, and hopefully make ensage at 100% of its potential.

Disclaimer: This is purely based on my opinion, I do not work for ensage nor am I an opposition to ensage. Comments are appreciated, and well encourage,this is only to help gather thoughts about issues we are having with ensage.

I would be discussing about issues on ensage and possible solutions to help ensage in the future. This is only my opinions, and can be erased if need be.

*Current problems with ensage:

*Assemblies are not being updated due to a payout business model:

Once developer makes an assembly and after user buys any paid assembly, developer can withdraw all the money, and be inactive. Thus, creating a negative impact on users who bought the script. This is not ideal for a game like dota 2, where it keeps updating. What will happen if dota 2 made an update and developers does not have any motivation anymore, since they withdrew all the money already, and are not expecting to get paid, when they fix their assembly.

*User base is not in its full 100% capacity and potential:

Numerous users who wish to try ensage, gets a negative experience since assemblies are not being updated or request are not being considered at the very start. When I started with ensage, paid assemblies was new, and developers are active, so users did not have so much problem then. The problem right now is for new users, they buy an assembly only to find out that the original developer does not have any interest anymore to fix their own assembly. Thus, resulting to users leaving ensage, and stop subscribing to ensage, and guaranteed to not comeback and not recommend ensage to friends etc. resulting to fewer users, lesser subs.

*Dota is not a static game:

Dota, is always updating with its game. In a year, there could be numerous updates plus huge significant changes, like map redesign, new items, new heroes etc. If a developer is inactive, the once perfectly working assembly is now broken, and once again users feels that they got robbed of their purchase, since there is no motivation for developer to update their assembly, since they will not get paid anymore. That is why a payout model is not ideal for a game like dota 2, where constant updates are being made to the game.

*Users are being trolled by discord, no dedicated support team:

I see a lot of users being trolled by old subscribers and not getting help from support. Ex. If a user needs help with an assembly – Rather than explaining to new users how the assembly works or if it is safe and how to be safe, people would troll the user especially in discord saying don’t use this you will get 100% banned with no additional help at all. Personally, I stayed with ensage, even in joduska, since people before are nice and would give me help rather than trolling me. Another example is when we need a core update, instead of telling them to watch out for announcements, they troll new users and say update will be in 3 months/ 3 years etc. This is bad for ensage since user will feel bullied and would rather quit ensage and find another hack. Again, resulting to lost user base.

Solution would be on the second part of this thread.

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