Is Ensage dead?

samuellechansamuellechan Posts: 2
edited May 30 in General

Is Ensage dead due to the new dota update?


  • NeeDforKillNeeDforKill Posts: 1,974

    This is two different hacks, wrote by different persons on different languages and provide different language for scripts.
    We working on update and you already got 7 days of compensation for that.

  • cac1cac1 Posts: 367

    Soon ?

  • doobstylerdoobstyler Posts: 5

    when would you expect to be?

  • NeeDforKillNeeDforKill Posts: 1,974

    I will write here, when i got new information. I am sorry.

  • cac1cac1 Posts: 367

    Свежая информация будет или проект заглох ? Вторую неделю не можете сделать.

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