Is Ensage dead?

DaveDave Posts: 11

Hey to everyone. Can someone explain what is going on?
1) how long it takes to be fixed? Personally I, and I believe other people, don't need to hear 'oh, it's will be fixed 06.22.20 in 19:39:11'. But can u tell us like 'it's will be fixed for month or two' or something like that?
2) is Ensage completely dead for now, or we can use some funk, like VisibleByEnemy, on the main accounts?

Can our devs or admin answer at least these questions?

Thanks for attention.


  • NeeDforKillNeeDforKill Posts: 1,974
    1. Ensage has the status of Outdated - but you can play perfectly well. The only problems that you will encounter are disconnect in the menu and rare crashes. (People say if you make Block off screen, you can play without crashes)
    2. it is safe to play when Ensage Outdated? -Yes!
    3. Our script developers continue to update scripts.
    4. To use Ensage while it Outdated you still need to pay for sub - After Ensage will get status Updated, you will get all your days back, so you will not lose a single day.

    If you have active subscribe you can use our best scripts from idcnoob - O9K for free. All O9K scripts for free, their price is 150$.
    You need install them from on bottom of github page there is guide with screenshots.

    If you want have fun on Techies Jumpering updated his Techies script - TechiesCrappahilationPaid. You can use it for free.

    All our Paid scripts(expect Rage scripts from Sir) working and updated!

  • DaveDave Posts: 11

    Thanks for your answers.

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