Request to any dev,ihatevim,jumpering (Templar Assassin)

thizitothizito Posts: 43

I dont know where to request things in this forum, i contacted jumpering and he told me my best luck is to make a topic.. i saw a russian wanting this too this week. I think is because hake had a good auto-meld.. and scripters are used to it.. its good to have :)

Please make templar assassin script with:
- attack auto-meld with fail check(check if have enough range)
- auto use items while attack (solar crest,orchid,hex,new malevolence) because in other assemblies you need to click alot on heros to make it work.. idk how to make it better
- maybe a mouseover destroy trap without templar animation?(if u target trap templar wont stop destroying and it will be faster) or just a key to fast trapexplode .. anything to help traps system

:feelssadman: please, <3 ensage , i tested for a week, and will for sure buy 3 months.. with this script or not.


  • Templar Assasin is supported in the DotaCombo by vick it is not perfect but it works combined with psi helper by jumpering

  • thizitothizito Posts: 43

    I tested DotaCombo by Vick, DotAllCombo's, ZAIO
    none are good or have those features, or are currently on bad state with bugs etc

  • thizitothizito Posts: 43

    the orbwalker now is awesome, we just need a few hero scripts which are not that hard..
    i have the script but in hake language , if an dev want to transfer it idk

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