"Account is in use" error when using Ensage

SwoonSwoon Posts: 6

When launching dota 2 through Ensage it forces steam offline and triggers the "Account is in use elsewhere, please re-enter your account credentials" login box.

Logging in again does not help as the same box will open again, keeping me from going online thus rendering it impossible to find a game. What is the cause of this?

Had the same error when first using Ensage, but simply logging in again fixed the issue, and the login box did not re-appear.


  • SwoonSwoon Posts: 6


    Ensage does not check if another user is already ingame on the same account, and therefore does disconnect the other user. This is really impractical for hour boosters like myself because I have to shut down my server in order to disconnect the other client.

    TLDR: If you're experiencing this issue, make sure all other hour boosting/steam clients are shut down before attempting to launch dota through Ensage.

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