Jungle Stacker re update pls!

makanielmakaniel Posts: 95

Can someone re update the stacks. since the 7.06 patched every min neuts spawn now. pls fix ty



  • voz1voz1 Posts: 7

    Still good bruh. I had an 5 stack ancient

  • badbreathbadbreath Posts: 172

    No it's not good bruh. They updated jungle back to every 2 minutes. Needs a major update. Thanks.

  • badbreathbadbreath Posts: 172
    edited May 2017

    Well I just noticed they updated it. But using it with NP should be very op, but only 1 or 2 of the trees gets a successful stack on radiant side. Most other camps don't work with melee tree. When I do it manually myself I can get it to stack. Instead of drawing aggro and running immediatly, the trees just fight for 3 seconds then run away when its too late

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