Some updated scripts

ihatevimihatevim Posts: 19
edited April 2017 in General

While you wait for devs to update their scripts, here are some I looked over:

p.s. you need ms build tools to compile from github



  • ultiworldultiworld Posts: 66
    edited April 2017

    I downloaded and installed ms build tools 2015 from Microsoft website. But still got compiling error.Is there something else I could do?

  • bucminhdobucminhdo Posts: 87

    how to Install Github? please tell me. i've never used this on older Ensage

  • anonymouseanonymouse Posts: 377

    thanks man.

  • SwamttertSwamttert Posts: 169
    edited April 2017

    Meepo annihilation crashes if i do a combo or whatever related
    Also Templar Annihilation get injected but it does nothing lol

  • galaktofgalaktof Posts: 41

    Meepo annihilation crashes if i do a combo fix pls

  • SwamttertSwamttert Posts: 169


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