F1 focussing character

ChamsChams Posts: 98

Has an update been put in place with ensage that makes F1 focus character if double pressed? 'cos it wasn't like this a week or two ago, none of the scripts have F1 set to focus char nor do my hotkeys have it but it still keeps on doing it...


  • lolkhaxlolkhax Posts: 363
    edited June 2017

    F1 has been the default command for focus since Warcraft 3 (maybe earlier?), backup your dota config and try resetting the controls to default in dota's settings.

  • ChamsChams Posts: 98

    I never noticed it doing it until this week cos that's what I have always had combo key on and if I press it twice to quickly it changes view and ends up messing up the combo.

    I can't see anywhere to disable it in dota settings, I have always had focus char set to a different key and not sure why it would keep a default key when a different one has been set. It could just be a bug and a reset of settings to default and change again may fix I'll try that tonight

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