Im new - Wich script/addons is usefull?

ziqoziqo Posts: 5

So basicly, I just bought ensage, and im asking for usefull stuff/scripts in this assembly section.

Mostly I need help with Hero scripts(COMBO).

Im currently using ZAIO but it doesnt support every hero.
Im using Evader aswell.



  • ensei89ensei89 Posts: 9


  • klaretosklaretos Posts: 96

    Here are my choices:
    Evader=Best Armlet toggle, pudge hook evasions etc
    Arc by Jumpering=No1 script in the world. You could easily reach 5k if you spam Arc with this even if you are a 2k player.
    Zaio=Use it for the Naga script. The illusion farming mode is phenomenal.
    Overlay Information V2=It's really a must.
    Visible by Enemy=Very important too.
    SkyWrath Reload=Really nice for Sky, does everything and has many customizations.
    Timbersaw by IdcNoob=Really top notch script too. Makes Timber a very easy hero to play.

    These are the scripts I use most of the time. Have fun.

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