A newbie question

dotaisezdotaisez Posts: 6

Has anyone got VAC using Ensage?
and Do you guys use it on the main account?

** Any answer would be appreciated coz I don't dare to use it on my main account. **



  • JetJet Posts: 171

    Use it at your own risk, and it's not recommended that you use ensage on your main account. Personally I've only had 1 smurf banned in a year that I've been using it. And this happened when a huge ban wave hit most people

  • Oh, good thing that you've mentioned it, Jet.

  • manunit92manunit92 Posts: 25

    Man it's fine I've used the other hack service for over two years before switching to ensage because I prefer the features on my main. I've never had any problems and hundreds of games on either service so you will be fine. There is always a risk with anything. You could get hit by a car as easily as being detected with Ensage as the developers of Dota have more important things to do than worry about a couple of thousand people who use hacks and will continue to whether their main account gets banned or not. I've noticed the developers are more likely to nerf certain heroes that hackers abuse than ban wave over the years.

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