As many of you have already experienced: several new vac modules have been released and therefore the Killswitch of Ennola protects you, until these new modules are approved.

Since we have to make sure that nothing unexpected has been added to all of these new modules, we need to verify everything which happens in them and this takes some time. There's currently no exact ETA for the Ennola update.

If you just use a smurf and don't care too much about safety, you can disable the Ennola-Killswitch in the loader settings (This won't mean that Ennola is not working anymore).
Переведите пожалуйста**



  • IdcNoobIdcNoob Posts: 1,175
    edited June 2017

    Эннола обновляется.
    Сколько займет времени неизвестно.
    Если не боитесь получить бан, можете включить "Disable Ennola kill" и играть.

  • SamplaerSamplaer Posts: 172

    спасибо :gaben:

  • MidnMidn Posts: 180

    играть можно или нет? я запустил стим и доту вроде нечего не выкидывает, просто в статусе написано Ensage Status: Ennola is outdated! поэтому что то ссыкатно

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