Movement delay?

I came from league and i realized theres a noticeable delay in movement on dota? I have around 150fps and 75 ping. No packet loss of any sort. Is this normal and is there a fix?



  • I also have low quality connection turned on but my internet is decent. Should i turn it on high?

  • Like this. But im showing no packet loss or bad ping

  • lolkhaxlolkhax Posts: 281

    This happens to me sometimes too, I'm pretty sure it's the servers as it does it with and without Ensage.

  • nope, there is not server or ensage problem. It's dota 2 movement game dalay, because it have some special stuff in animations , league of legends not have it. So yea dota 2 movements looks slower than lol. Took 3 month to get right with this after lol.

  • I guess itll just take some getting used to, Very odd.

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